Who are you thankful for?


I always want to give props were props are due and tried to do that at our “Super Soul” evening this past Friday by putting into action an idea that was passed to me.  Something I find more and more rare these days are people who openly share their ideas with others in support of their efforts.  When seeing someone sharing outwardly and open-heartedly, I want to run up and hug them and shout to them, a big fat “YES” with arms flying up into the air with an emphatic “Whoo-hoo”!  It means their heart isn’t guarded, they are confident in their own right, they know that there is more than enough to go around and enthusiastically, want to help and give to others in order to lift them up.


Side note:  I didn’t get permission to post Sherry’s pic or words about her so I hope she will forgive me!  = )


One of our super-soulers, Sherry, is the very person I am speaking of.   Sherry has had a transformative year. She has been put through the wringer in every possible way and yet, this pretty lady, through positive influences in her life (both past and present), and the will to want to be better,  has been able to push her way through many trials and tribulations and let her light shine bright!  It has been so fun seeing her transform before our very eyes.  Sherry has the heart of gold and it showed up in a big way when she saw a post about “What We Are Thankful For” and shared and said, here is a great idea that can help us all be a little more thankful – – a “Thankful Pumpkin”!  You have everyone in your household write down on the pumpkin what they are thankful for each and every morning until you reach Thanksgiving Day.  What a sweet idea that can help us all stay focused on the many blessings in our lives.

This thoughtful idea turned into a community outreach project of passing out pint size pumpkins to all our “super-soulers” the other night and we asked that they either keep it for themselves  and implement the idea with their own family or they reach out to a neighbor, family or friend and give it to them along with a tag that says “So Very Thankful For You” courtesy of He and I blog and ask that they do the same and pass another one along to someone else.

This is an idea that anyone can do so help us out to keep the giving spirit going.  Go out and buy a few pumpkins, print these tags, cut them out, and write on the back telling the person why you are thankful for them and then give them instructions to write down what they are thankful for each and every day up until Thanksgiving; and then remind them to go and pay it forward by doing this for others.


I have to imagine if we all take part in this these next several weeks, we will make a positive impact on each other’s lives through one simple act of kindness.
I knew I had to write about this because last night, someone left a little pumpkin for me! My heart was full!


Absolutely love these kind of people who are a positive influence for good in this world.  It really does make a difference and is such a game changer in people’s lives, outlooks and attitudes.  Being “Thankful”, “Mindful”, “Loving”, “Kind”, “Thoughtful” is a moment-by-moment, minute-by-minute practice that our world could use a lot more of.

Hope you will join us in this initiative and spread the “Thankful Pumpkin” tradition to others.

Much Love,


P.S.  These community outreach projects are going to be something you will be seeing more of this next year.  The idea caught on quickly as it inspired another “super-souler” that night to share an idea that will help teens in hospitals all across the country.  That’s the spirit, let’s keep it going and share away!  We will pass out more details about that project soon!

As always, you can find more at Sharing Our Life, Love and Food.

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