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Hi All – Happy to be putting on a Holiday Share Class here in just a couple of weeks. We will be showing you how to make special holiday memories creating no sew, last a lifetime, cloth napkins and other holiday fanfare such as homemade scones, artisan vanilla extract, fresh bread and granola.  This 3-hour class is a make and take so you will get to take home all the goodies at the end.

Join us on Sunday, November 13th from 1-4 pm.  $40/class.  Class size is limited.  To reserve your spot, online payment can be made here. Cash/checks are also accepted along with an RSVP email to

It’s all about coming together and sharing our stories about how we each can offer love in our own special ways during the holidays.

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It’s not about adding one more thing to the to-do list by making more work for ourselves. It’s about slowing down and truly connecting with others.

Making napkins may not be high on people’s to-do list but it is a tradition that has been passed down in my family by my mom.  Maybe, I can get her to make a guest appearance if she feels like making the 8-hour jaunt out here!  This homemade napkin tradition is something little that I have come to love when gathering people together.  I often say, the best things in life are meant to be shared so I wanted to share how to make them with all of you. These napkins are no-sew and will literally last you for decades to come.  They are wash and fold napkins (no ironing necessary unless you want them looking extra crisp for a special occasion).  You can toss them in the laundry and reuse them as much or as little as you want.  I have had some of mine for over 25 years now.

I can already feel the exasperated sighs by a few of what is ahead these next couple of months. We all know how busy the holidays are.  Let’s make a point not to use that word this holiday season.  We are only as “busy” as we let ourselves be.  It’s not about doing it all yourself and feeling exhausted by the single-handed production that you’ve just put on.  Boy, is that approach appreciated by the recipients but what happens though is that the effort is quickly dismissed and the expectation of the next big production sits in waiting while you are slumped in your chair feeling drained and dog-tired.  If there is one take away from today’s post it is to invite others in to share in the process.  Roll with the punches without trying to finagle each and every step of how it will all play out.  This is the very space where memories are created.  

Just last night, we made a nice Sunday dinner together and each of us took part.  This was completely impromptu, no coercion (Well maybe a little trying to pull my daughter away from the football game – thank goodness, half time was just a few seconds away).  My hubby conquered the grilling while our daughter sauteed baby portabella mushrooms.  Our older son set the table (not withstanding a few reminders of what about the silverware and napkins…nevermind, drinks) and then cleaned it all up. I took on roasting some asparagus and baking a pear cake (Truly this is the easiest cake around – hope you will try it.  I decided to slice the pears thinly in this version and use almond extract in lieu of vanilla – so yummy!).  Our youngest was in charge of making some Fresh Cinnamon Whipping Cream to top off the pear cake; and voila it was a group effort.

We had our 5 second hand holding pre-meal dinner prayer and we were off to the races. My husband quickly pointed out how much he enjoys Sunday dinner together.  Now, mind you, it doesn’t happen every Sunday but what a treat when it does happen and even better when we all pitch in to make it happen.  I could really take to this inclusion and joint effort concept when it comes to dinner making.


I always think of the whole concept as something so elementary that we all should have learned in kindergarten but a concept that we all so easily stray from because sometimes it’s just easier to do things on our own.  I so get it, believe you me.  Moments like that then set the tone for how things play out in the future and flying solo is never as much fun as flying together.  So invite the craziness (even the snarly teenagers and grumpy/can’t miss one moment of a football game, husband) into all of the holiday prep this year and take notice how it subtly changes the whole dynamic of spending time together and you may just have a moment or even moments where you can look around the room and then smile to yourself thinking, “This is what it is all about”.  And, one final tip, if things go awry at any point, you can always turn to cranking up the music or breaking out the dance moves or reach for something a little stronger – your choice!

Much Love,


P.S.  As always, you can find more at Sharing Our Life, Love and Food.  Please always feel free to share these posts, recipes with family and friends and invite them to take part by having them like our Facebook page or join the blog.



7 thoughts on “Holiday Share Class

  1. I love this post and cannot wait to get together to learn more about how to make all of these gifts made from the heart! There is absolutely nothing better than everyone in the family helping make a meal, holding hands during prayer and lifting each other up for the upcoming week ahead.

  2. This is a great idea! I can vouch for the cloth napkins…I absolutely love them and we use them all the time. It’s relaxing and just an easy and great way to spend time with others while doing something creative. Thanks for offering this Elayne. Can’t wait to take part.

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