Forget tidying your house, tidy your mind.

tidy-our-mindThoughts are the key to life.  They are the keeper of our dreams, the trap door to our inner lives, the key to our own secret treasure.

I want to share this concept with students, with athletes, with women, really with anyone who will listen.  We have all heard the adage that “thoughts become things”.  I’m such a believer in this concept.  Thoughts are crazy powerful.  Learning to have self-awareness of what thoughts you have is equally as powerful.  What patterns of thought do you regularly have?  Are they happy go lucky, uplifting, even inspiring?  Or, are they disheartening, depressing, nay-saying and discouraging? The power of what we tell ourselves is huge if not monumental.

In all out full disclosure, I had a rough couple of days last week.  My mom and sister warned me that once you hit your 40s, there will come a time when your mood switches on a dime; and take note, when it happens, it’s not pretty.  Oh boy, they weren’t kidding – think Godzilla.  The crazy thing is that I wasn’t Godzilla to anyone around me but to my own self.  I ripped her to shreds.

Why is it so easy to tear ourselves down?  Why is it that we can bully ourselves but then in the next breath, say out loud, kids don’t bully, be nice to others.  We somehow have come to disregard and disrespect our own selves and think that’s okay.  It’s not okay.  I know this in theory but in real life, putting it into practice is so much harder.  I would never be as coarse to anyone on this planet like I am to myself.

I was spinning in a downward spiral after reading a book that asked the question, do you matter enough in this world in that would anyone care if you stopped doing what you are doing?  This question went spinning around in my mind for what seemed like days, when in reality it was hours but it felt like a lifetime (I hope you hear the melodrama and back of my hand going up to my forehead in that statement).  Would anyone even care if I stopped doing what I’m doing?  It felt like a mother-load of a question with all the weight of the world resting on it.  By repeating all this, it is not meant to spiral anyone else down but meant to show you how words are power.  Words that someone else wrote made me question my own worth.


You define your OWN worth.  It is not defined by someone else who puts negative thoughts into your head or most importantly, the very person who allowed the thoughts in.

What I realized after venting to my husband about all of this and having him listen to me babble on which turned into a quick lesson of him learning that the quickest way out of this uncomfortable space was to just rub my feet until I fall asleep – problem solved, until I woke up the next morning realizing that it’s all me.  It’s my thoughts I have to own.  It’s thoughts I’m putting into my own head.  Who said they were invited in?  I preach it to my kids all the time, you are 100% in control of what you allow into your head.  You can kindly ask the uninvited ones to leave when they come a knocking.  Thank goodness for a good night’s sleep to change a person’s perspective.  I totally needed a reboot and that’s exactly what I gained overnight.


I woke up thinking that we all need to reflect and allow in the empowering thoughts, even if you have to make them up – that is what our imaginations are there for!  Know that these uplifting, empowering thoughts are there to guide you to take action in your life and they come from a much deeper place. I love Jack Canfield’s quote, “You are not given a dream unless you have the capacity to fulfill it”.


I have to think that turning the cookbook into a mission and living that out loud and on purpose is not an accident and that I have the capacity to do good for others through this initiative.  I have to think that my “tree dream” is something that one day I can fulfill; if not for my own kids than for my grandkids.

Let’s be clear, Jack Canfield is dead-on – “You are not given a dream unless you really do you have the capacity to fulfill it.”  Say that quote to yourself out loud.  After saying it, you are going to start day dreaming and begin to think who was that girl on the road way back when she had her whole life ahead of her.  What were her hopes and dreams?  Who was she going to be?

“My life had changed right there. I’m not worried about you remembering me, luv. You need to remember that girl on the road.”

One of my all-time favorite quotes from the movie, P.S. I Love You.  I love this concept of looking back when we had the whole world in front of us.  What did you dream for yourself and for your life?



You will begin thinking of all the dreams you once had, all the visions that have danced in and out of your life; and then just a few moments later, you will be brought back to reality by a tiny voice in your head.  This tiny little voice is going to sneak in and whisper to you all the reasons in the world why you can’t, shouldn’t or wouldn’t possibly go and make those dreams happen.  You know what you are going to do when you hear that voice – you are going to mentally cover your ears and not listen to a word of it.  Don’t listen and certainly don’t believe any of it.  You will know that it is not worth listening to, especially if it is negative and attacking in nature.  If we are not careful, negative thoughts can quickly take us hostage and hold us captive making us believe we aren’t capable of making any of our dreams come true.

The trick is instead of listening to the random negative chatter, learn to listen to the voice of your heart, your soul.  It is the part of you that knows that you are truly capable of bringing anything you want to life. It is a quiet, still voice that is all-knowing, that believes in your ability, believes in your dreams and believes in you.


When you free your mind of destructive thoughts, the whole world opens up.  I like to think of it as vacuuming up all the cobwebs and clearing out space for all the good to flow in.  Now, let me say this, this isn’t easy to do.  If you are like me, dusting up cobwebs just doesn’t hit my radar all that often.  I do it begrudgingly (and did it this weekend, literally and physically).  I can’t even tell you the dramatic difference.  It’s the feeling of having just cleaned your spotty, smudged glasses and seeing clearly again for the first time.  We could all use a good dusting and vacuuming every now and again.

What you must know though is that we all have negative thoughts that dance in and out of our lives, exactly why I shared my little relapse with you.  Learning to clear them out is a minute by minute, moment by moment “practice”.  It takes practice to get better at anything in life.  This is no different.  It is an art that must be repetitively practiced over and over again if you ever want a chance of getting better at it.  I like to call it “tidying of the mind”.  We all tidy our houses so why not also tidy our minds.  You will quickly learn that you really do have 100% control over your thoughts and what you choose to do with them.

The key isn’t in the clearing of the cobwebs and tidying of the space, it is in the use of the space that you clean up.  What are you doing with that freed up space?  What visions and dreams are coming in to this new, refreshed, spick and span space?  Are you taking action on these dreams or are you just letting dust collect again?


I have been practicing this principle first hand, most especially this past year.  I have been purposely testing out this whole theory of “thought practice” and any vision that comes from me from deep within, I have wholeheartedly set out in motion to bring it to life in order to serve for the greater good.  Talk about a way to feel pride and self-assurance that you are leading an authentic, deeply rich life.  It comes from a space so deep that you knowingly trust that anything that comes from it will never steer you wrong.  It truly is a great way to live.

I hope after this post, you all will go take a look around and see where those cobwebs of negative thoughts may have been forming in your mind.  After clearing them away, trust and know that any vision that you have that has developed deep seeded roots is something that is purposely calling you to bring it to life.  No one else can bring your dreams and visions to life because they come from you and only you.  They are in YOUR heart, YOUR mind.  Your job is to go make them happen!

I would love for you to share your story if you have brought a vision to life and how it propelled you to challenge and build upon other dreams.  Let’s inspire one another and show one another that it is truly possible for anyone and everyone to put this “thoughts into things” theory into practice.

Go be with dream catchers and dream makers.  Hang out with visionaries and go-getters who make stuff happen ‘cause if that rubs off in any way, wouldn’t you love to say, I want some more of what she is having and then go get after it!

Much Love,


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5 thoughts on “Forget tidying your house, tidy your mind.

  1. Well, I can’t speak for everyone, only me….I would terribly miss what you do if you stopped doing it. Your wonderful pictures, words of encouragement, wisdom, friendship, knowledge, cooking/recipes (you’re my go to cookbook), but most of all, YOUR HEART and FRIENDSHIPt. You have the biggest heart of anyone I know. Keep on keeping on sista!!

      • I love this Elayne & feel the same as Jeaneen! I so needed this today and sorry I haven’t made this my “go to place” for inspiration before now. Some very mindful thoughts & encouraging words came from the foot massage, thank you Matt. I’m so inspired!

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