Go Get ‘Em

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In the late hours of the evening when things have settled down, I have become obsessed with watching Fixer Upper.  Know why I like it so much?  Joanna and Chip Gaines are always taking action.  I know it’s a tv show and it’s a portrayal and they can depict them in whatever manner they choose, but the reality is, is that they never would have achieved the things they have achieved sitting back watching, dreaming or scheming.

What I especially love is that while they have been busy getting to it, they have learned to prioritize their family and have included their kids as part of the process. They haven’t set them off to the side while they go run. They include them in their interactions and in every part of the business and make that a priority.  Don’t you just love that!  It’s not an either or. Sometimes in life, it can seem like it is one or the other and that we have to choose.  I love that they set the example of what is important should always stay important, no matter what.

Another gush I have about them is that you don’t ever hear them say I am going to “try” something, “hope” for something.  They are out there making “it” happen. They are putting in the daily grind, the hours of hard work, all the ingredients necessary in building a dream.

When I saw the episode where Joanna envisioned her dream of having their business operate out of the hometown silos.  I thought to myself that is one go-getter who will not settle for anything less than going after something that she dreams. You could sense that she felt this dream in her bones. She didn’t worry about the hows (that’s what Chip is for, ha!), she boldly stepped into the dream and made it a reality.

It’s crazy things like this that inspires me to the point that it actually brings tears to my eyes.  Does it inspire you too and make you want to go take more “action” in your life instead of the mindless, wasted hours spent in fruitless efforts?

What I love most especially about the show is that it’s story-lined by the modeling and the behaving not in the end product that is tailored to perfection.  It’s in the demo day ripping and shredding, it’s in the days, months, years that follow where the rebuilding exists, the creating, the behind the scenes toil that gets you one step closer to the dream.  This is the space where deep satisfaction, pride and joy lies.

You can tell from watching, what makes it all worth the while is being surrounded by people who nudge their dreams along and champion their efforts while simultaneously supporting the dreams and efforts of others.  It’s in the shared communion of helping one another.  It’s in the shared efforts of getting the job done (Look how they have helped Clint and how Clint has turned right back around and helped them. Look at the local antique store they continue to frequent. They leave no one in the dust.) This is the exact modeling/metaphor for life I was referring to.  There needs to be more of that in our world.  So lucky in my own life to have family and friends just like that and I’m forever grateful to and for them.

We all can use a good prod from others to go give life our best shot.  It is nothing short of awe-inspiring to be surrounded by people who believe in us, believe in what we have to offer, believe in our abilities and will help us no matter what.  The godforsaken truth though is that it must first start with belief in ourselves for any of our dreams to come true.  The responsibility rests from within.  Once we have that belief and know it to be true, we can get busy, getting to work and then freely help others in their own right, believing, supporting and championing their cause because we ultimately know it deep down for ourselves.

Getting after it, putting life into motion, having projects, having missions, being of service, is the bread and butter of life.  It’s what gets people up every day. It rarely exists riding down the easy, effortless street, waiting for it to show up..

Ironically enough, I was looking at the Magnolia and Fixer Upper websites to hyperlink the sites back to this post and I came across a blog from Chip championing his kids, his family, his coworkers and his neighbors to “Go Get Em”!   It’s the perfect way to say what I was trying to say in my rambly post above.  It’s perfect for us all.  I hope you all will throw caution to the wind and say, “Go Get Em” to yourself and to all those who surround you.

The latest “Go Get Em” effort on this end is prepping for the upcoming Holiday Share Class. I know from the bottom of my heart that just like Fixer Upper, it is in the behind-the-scenes effort where joy is experienced and even better when you get to the point of sharing it and see joy on others’ faces. My hope is that the ladies will all feel the love that went into this class when they experience it for themselves. So happy that the class was so well received that we will likely be adding another one in December to accommodate those on the wait list.

Much Love and Thanks,


P.S.  Don’t forget to “Go Get Em” in your own life in whatever way that is right for you!


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  1. love love this. (: my friend is friends with them!!!! lucky@

    leith mchugh // connector. inviter. truthteller brave is the new b e a u t y brave beauty love wins in marriage mchugh story robcast interview


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