Figuring Out Who I Am

Funny enough, inspiration doesn’t schedule an appointment and often peeks in at the most inopportune times but figured I might as well cross this one off the to-do list.  It’s better to tackle it in a 10 minute self-imposed time crunch than putting it off to another day.  So here goes nothing.

I had this goal of finishing up 2016 with all the updated recipes from my prior website added back in as blog posts so they are easily searchable if someone is looking for a recipe. Well, I haven’t even started and weeks have now gone by and the clocks a tickin’ before 2017 hits.  Why did I just notice that it’s November!

This reminder/inspiration came from a random text I received last night from my oldest niece.  She writes,

“So I’ve been standing in the kitchen waiting for the timer to go off and I start flipping through your cookbook to get more “healthy ideas” and started reading all the stories in it.  Teared up seeing so much of your heart in it.  It’s amazing.  All of it.

I quickly write back, it’s funny now I look back at it and say I could have done so much better; and then she says,

It’s perfect!  Don’t let your mind steal any of that joy..  It really is perfect and beautiful.  I’ve never seen a cookbook that is that pretty on every single page.  Love it!

I can’t even tell you how my heart up and leaped out of my chest.  The whole clan was in the kitchen at the time and I told them all what she wrote and I think at least one of them had tears well up in their eyes.  I can’t thank her enough for taking time out of her already busy day to send that note to me.  I don’t think people, we, me, understand the power of telling others how they have touched your life in some way.  It is crazy powerful stuff and we all need to be doing more of that in our lives.  Thanks Elizabeth for the reminder!

So, I walked across the room and started flipping through the book.  Mind you, I rarely have looked at it since publishing it last year.  I turn to a recipe when I need it but I haven’t looked through it in depth in a long time.  So I sat at the kitchen counter and I flipped through to reread the stories.  I had forgotten how much my heart was in this whole endeavor.  It’s like seeing a long lost friend and picking back up where you left off.  Have you ever built something, held something, smelled something that took you back like this?

It was powerful beyond belief because I had forgotten.  Forgotten what it felt like to be absorbed in a love that moved me to do things I didn’t think were possible.  I know so many of you have told me stories of your own where you have stepped outside your comfort zone and bravely tackled things that scared you to death.  I want to ask you, did you forget the exhilarated feeling it gave you to boldly step into the unknown?  I know I did and I realized how much I miss being in “the flow” of it all.  At the same time, exhaustion comes over me knowing the hours and hours of work that it took but on the other hand, the satisfaction of working on something that was so meaningful wipes every bit of it away.

The joy in knowing that my niece saw my heart on the pages just by flipping through the book and reading some of the words in a random moment is exactly what I had hoped when building it.  Seeing it from the perspective of just laying it all out there…open handed…open hearted…is exactly what I had hoped and is the exact message that I wanted to share with my kids and really to anyone who read even a page of it because I know it’s the secret to life that is a game changer, a heart softener.  To go and live your life open handed and open hearted.

Now, that I have gotten over some of my shyness of posting personal things, I figured today would be as good of day as any to get started posting some of the pages from the book that I want to include in the “Blog to Print” book I’m working on for 2016 and need to finish in what less than 8 weeks.  Yikes!  So I’ll start with the first section of the book, “Figuring Out Who I am” showing you a glimpse of my farm life upbringing.

You are going to see a lot of recipes from the cookbook posted over the next several weeks. Please bare with me as I get all that updated for the book.  I just didn’t want another day, another week to go by without honoring my commitment to myself.  I hope you will do the same and honor your own commitments.  Tackle those things that you set out to do in life no matter what.  Don’t let them fall to the wayside with yet another excuse.  Go live your life and show your heart in everything you do.  It will pay off in unimaginable ways and you will just never know the impact you have on others along the way.


Much Love,






2 thoughts on “Figuring Out Who I Am

  1. Sharing my heart about you…’re cookbook is my favorite because the recipes are easy and so yummy, the pictures are captivating and beautiful, but most of all I see my amazing friend on every page. Your heart was totally in it and it’s perfect just the way it is. I love this book!!

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