Go Above and Beyond


holiday share class-8.jpgI know overkill with posts today but when you are in the swing of things, you might as well roll with it because the ride will end before you know it…and remember peeps I’m on a deadline to finish this task I set out to do.  = )

Do you have the tendency to go above and beyond what is asked or expected?  Is that in your nature?  I think there is no greater gift and no greater way to reveal yourself than the love you put into something.

No one will be cheering you on nor is it likely that anyone will ever in a million years take notice but hey why not give it your best shot; if for no other reason, than your own satisfaction for a job well done.  The little extra effort (aka “the littles”) that you put in matters.  It matters to your heart and the nurturing of your soul.

Can’t wait to share all the “littles” this weekend at the Holiday Share Class.  I’m telling you that the reward is always in the process itself.

Much Love,




P.S.  My time is up for the day so promise no more posts from me today!

2 thoughts on “Go Above and Beyond

  1. I am so excited just to come and spend a little creative, down time with the ladies & you. It’s always a good time. Your “littles” are what makes everything you do so special. You care so much and it shows. Looking forward to it!!

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