True Gratitude

true-gratitudeOne of the short stories in the cookbook was all about having “True Gratitude.”  I know gratitude has become the “it girl” these days but it is something that will simply never go out of style and is much needed in our daily lives.

The above photo, you would never believe, was a dead field of grass with just a few leaves hanging on for dear life.  There is beauty everywhere, you just have to be willing to look in the most obscure places.  I think the very reason why I like photography so much.

I was reminded of this just last night.  Our busy lives can keep us from seeing all the good that we have.  Watching my husband and son work together on a project last night was heart filling.  They are 2 for 2 this week – last week was tackling building a jumping box with 3 different heights and they are probably going to have to get back at it ’cause all 3 heights have been mastered.  I don’t know where our guy gets his hops from – that kid is like a kangaroo!  I was proud to have crawled up onto the darn thing with all my effort and here he goes in one easy springboard of a jump.  Not fair!

It is times like these that most people don’t realize that bonding is taking place, the glue that holds everything all together.  There is no pressure placed on anyone.  You are just doing something for the collective good.  Our son was like a kid in a candy story waiting for the finished product but you could see all of his years of lego building put to work as he boldly attempted to help without looking at instructions (typical guy – if there is a will, there is a way!).  He was helping just for the sake of it – there was no bribery, or prodding involved!

Like it was said in the book, I hope my kids will always hold tight to those core values to lend a hand to help others and offer gratitude to those around them.

Much Love,


One thought on “True Gratitude

  1. Time well spent!! Goodness, if you have to crawl up, I’d probably need a ladder??! 😆 Thanks for sharing & for the good reminder.

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