Life Can Shatter in an Instant

glass-shattered-2I went into the kitchen to unload the dishwasher, reaching for a glass and the loudest “POP” that you’ve ever heard happened along with an EXPLOSION.  Light-filled pieces of glass filled the air and then instantly fell to the ground, clanking together like the sound of chimes.  Poof, in an instant, everything changed.

How life can seem like it’s being held together and then all of a sudden it bursts into a thousand little pieces.  I thought this to myself after picking up all the shards of glass left everywhere inside and outside of the dishwasher and all around.

This is what can happen in life.  You can go along, expecting the best, marching to the beat of your own drum and, in an instant, it can shatter and spread everywhere.  You get hurt by it, blood dripping from your hand (not to get gory just giving you a visual), you look at all the chaos that has been created like magic out of thin air, bewildered that this mess exists, running it over and over in your mind, how did this happen?  You can’t fathom that the mess exists in the first place and you certainly can’t leave it for fear of someone else getting hurt; so the clean up begins.  You stop, take a breath, survey what’s in front of you and you begin to pick up all the pieces and start again.

You don’t realize how fragile life is until something like a shattering glass or let’s be real, something more monumental happens.  We’ve all been in this place where life shatters before our very eyes with deep hurt, pain, death, diagnoses, brokenness.  We sit dumbfounded, not believing our very eyes…

There is always a silver lining…

Do you know what is so amazing about something “shattering” in our lives, having it all fall apart?  In our own space and time, we all…begin again.  We pick back up the pieces of our lives…. and we begin again.


Cleaning up the glass gave me the realization that we really are the heroes of our own stories because we all do the very same thing and ultimately, begin again.

We all do this in one way or another and it’s incredibly inspiring.  I can’t tell you the countless number of people who have crossed my path who have incredible “begin again” stories.  Bet you do too!  Every time you come across something that you just don’t think you can tackle or overcome, take a deep breath and tell yourself to “begin again”.

Sending You All Much Love,


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P.S.  Instead of getting to practice yoga this morning with my peeps, I patiently picked up a million pieces of glass that exploded everywhere in my kitchen.  Namaste is all I can think to say while still taking several deep breaths.

Who knew that a shattered glass would turn into a metaphor for life post and would find myself digging back through the trashcan just to capture those tiny pieces of glass that were my nemesis just minutes before.  Inspiration finds you everywhere! = )

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