Quick & Easy Side Dish (Quick being the Key Word)

brussels-sprout-saladThis morning was going off like a hitch, waking up to our first real snowfall of the year, sitting around the breakfast table enjoying getting the kiddos off to school.  My husband walks in and says, “Where’s the side dish for my work’s Thanksgiving Feast today”.  Oh crap!  I completely forgot!  I knew the morning was going too smoothly!

So I sprang into action and went for an ‘ol standby that literally took 5 minutes to throw together with some help from the boys.  I ran everything separately through the grater blade of the food processor (except the cranberries and dressing ingredients) while the boys prepped the dressing.  Dumped it all in a pretty dish, poured on the dressing and sent him off!  Phfew, crisis averted in all of 5 minutes flat.  Tip:  To kick it up a notch, you can add a splash of color with mandarin oranges.  Makes for a pretty salad!

If you are in a pinch this Thanksgiving, this is the perfect, quick and easy dish for you (and is super tasty!). No one will ever know it’s Brussels Sprouts!  I doubled the recipe to feed a crowd (I only had 1 medium size red onion on me so I didn’t double the onion – probably would have been overkill to add in another one).  Hope you enjoy – I know this is a repeat recipe from awhile ago. = )


Printer friendly version of recipe:  brussels-sprout-salad-by-elayne-prechtel

Much Love,


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