The Invisibles (minus toilet seats)

2016-11-21_0001We are getting ready to host Thanksgiving at our house this year.  It is actually “Thankmas” for us where we get to celebrate a combo. Thanksgiving/Christmas with everyone.  The snow hit today so looks to be a beautiful, dry Thanksgiving weekend.

So very thankful for everyone traveling in from out of town and just wanted to wish them safe travels.  Like many others across the nation, we have been busy tidying up, grocery shopping, errand running, (napkin making – I think I’m the only one who does that, wink!), setting tables and baking.  Even squeezing in a bit of basketball with the first scrimmage of the high school season!  Phew!

First For Everything

The Christmas tree is up and decorated and the piece de resistance is “we” (I say that loosely) installed a new toilet seat in the boys’ bathroom (no explanation needed just pure love and appreciation for our company and wanting them to come back again for a visit!).

As these 2 teenagers bemoaned the task with many squirms and grimaces, I told them a valuable life skill was in the making – there is a first time for everything.  Who knew it was so easy to install – I sure didn’t – I was winging it the whole time (of course, they didn’t know that as I was operating on fumes of pure ickiness and disgust – powerful motivator to learn/teach a new trick!).  Nothing like squeezing in a bit of Life 101.  I am holding out high hopes for this next seat. Hoping for a lesson learned moment! These two squirmy teens and I can stand before you this Thanksgiving season, PROUD and EXTREMELY THANKFUL for a shiny new toilet seat.  See already in the holiday spirit – so much gratitude is oozing out of this house.  It will be the first thing shown on the tour!  = )

What I’m Thankful For

garthSo back to my point of “the invisibles”, I heard Garth Brooks’ new song yesterday that his wife, Trisha Yearwood, wrote.  It’s their Thanksgiving Song, “What I’m Thankful For”.  I loved that the focus is put on all the unseen things to be thankful for even if it negated our love and gratitude for a shiny new toilet seat-

“ain’t on no list, for it only in my heart exists, for time has helped me understand, the things I can’t hold in my hand.”

So true, all that we have to be thankful for isn’t on any list.  It exists in our hearts – the holidays are the perfect time to reflect on all that we are thankful for.  It is through the gift of time that we realize all the things we have to be thankful are the hidden treasures of life – the “invisibles” like love, kindness, patience, hope and most especially, laughter. Seeing those things in ourselves and cherishing those traits in others is where the real gift lies.

Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving.

Much Love,


P.S.  If all else fails and you need a little laughter and don’t want to subject your teens to installing a new toilet seat, break out the SNL skit from last year’s Thanksgiving.

P.S.S.  In a guilt ridden moment, I succumbed and went and bought toilet seats for all in the house.  I can almost guess that after this post, the stock prices on toilet seats will sky rocket before Thursday!  = )



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