A Sucker for Making Things Pretty


I have to say I’m a sucker for making things look pretty.  I’m a visual person by nature and if you are going to surround yourself with something day in and day out, I say make it look nice.  It changes the whole dynamic of how you interact with something.  It can put a little pep in  your step and add a touch of joy where you least expect it.  Maybe showing you these pics will inspire you too!

Here are two spaces in my house that aren’t your typical HGTVified hotspots: my baking center and the refrigerator.

I received so many compliments on my glass jars and refrigerator baskets during the Holiday Share Classes.  I realized that I have taken it for granted and forgot that others might not be as crazy as me and do the same thing so thought I would share this with all of you and maybe give you some inspiration for this holiday season to jazz up some unexpected spaces in your house.

All the canisters for the cupboards and 10 lb. glass containers  for my pantry were purchased at either Walmart or Target and the baskets for the refrigerator were purchased at TJ Maxx.

If you think others might enjoy this inspiration, please invite them to like the Sharing Our Life, Love and Food Facebook page or follow the blog.

Hope you enjoy,



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