Let Your Light Shine

Join us for our February “Super Soul” where we will be taking a look at Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s talk on “The Awakened Self” where she explains that we all want nothing more than to feel the deepest connection within ourselves and with others.

When:  This Saturday, February 11th from 5-7 pm at Leith’s House.

RSVP here: http://febsupersoul.app.rsvpify.com/

This is a rather deep “Super Soul” so thought I would give a summary of Dr. Tsabary’s talk in advance.

In this eye-opening Super Soul Session, Dr. Shefali teaches us to end the cycle and become who we truly are.

We awaken when we become who we truly are and reclaim our lost self.  Finding ourselves is the greatest opportunity of our lifetime. We all want the same thing, says Dr. Shefali Tsabary, the clinical psychologist, parenting expert and author.

“We want nothing more than to feel the deepest connection within ourselves and with others. To touch upon the wonder and abundance that we know is our sovereign right. To rediscover who we once were. To reclaim the purpose for why we were born.”

The irony, Dr. Shefali explains, is that we once had this “special something” we now yearn for. You had it as that child who knew its might, who had wonder, grace, presence, beauty, worth, significance.”

we all had it once.PNG

But as time goes on, something changes and we lose sight of our authentic selves.  Off we are sent on the “conveyor belt of childhood” which has a way of stripping us away from our true self and we become lost and full of emptiness.

She asked if we are drinking the parenting kool-aid and doing this to our own children.  Fear being the main ingredient, leading us to attach, control and shame.  Are we projecting our inner scarcity on our children?

Dr. Shefali wants us all to uphold our child’s wholeness while we heal our own brokenness. She wants us to raise ourselves up so our children can be liberated.

Are you using your children to mask your true self?  Dr. Shefali upholds the following points:

  • Our children are not our easels to paint the life we never had.
  • Our children are not the jewels and the diamonds we get to adorn ourselves with that mask our emptiness.
  • Our children are not our puppets so we can fake our authentic lives.

Children do not trigger us.  We all have emotional wounds spilling out like lava.  We can pretend its our children or we can be brave enough to find the source of our illusion, i.e. the source of our pain.  Don’t believe the illusion that you are anything other than worthy, great and significant.

Our children are waiting for us as parents to emerge.  We just need the courage to let our inner greatness shine through.  And if you so dare Dr. Shefali warns,

“The light of your true self may very well blind you.”.


I love this final take away from her talk.  She is right.  If we learn to light ourselves from the inside out and dare to come up out of our shell, we may just blind the world with our light.

Much Love,



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