Put Down the Phone

Another wake up call in life came out from our school yesterday.  A young life taken once again way too soon.

No one has answers and only questions in times like these.  Somehow just the news of devastation and heartbreak has a way of touching our souls so deeply.

Because no one will ever know, it makes me dive inward seeking refuge.  My internal dialogue screams, “wake up Elayne”.  Pay attention to your life, your kids, the people who surround you.

And, so I put down my phone and post this today because it was my first thought of what I told myself to do.  An homage to this day, to this month, to this year, to this life.

put down the phone by elayne prechtel1.PNG

Much Love,




2 thoughts on “Put Down the Phone

  1. beautiful.

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  2. Thank you for posting. I was just sitting here thinking & praying for this family & all young kids. My hear aches once again, no answers, no reasons, no words. We need to truly love one another & MAKE time, go out of our comfort zones to truly SEE each other. I just have no words or answers.

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