Reach for Love

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Spring Break time is going to be quickly amongst us.  Yippee!

We have a unique Spring Break planned this year and I can’t wait to share a bunch of posts with you as a result:  Why Everyone Should Run a 5K, First for Everything and What I Learned from Going Device Free For a Week.

I read a post from Hands Free Mama not too long ago that struck my heart and so I wanted to share how it has made me more mindful and it just might help you too.  Instead of reaching for your phone first thing in the morning, Hands Free Mama suggests the following:

Reach for Love. What that means in our household is either reaching for the cat, dog, hubby or best of all, our one lone teen who still comes in every morning for a hug. I treasure these hugs ’cause I know all too soon they will be long forgotten. Even though the other two kiddos don’t come in our room, I intentionally make it a point to walk into their rooms and give them a hug or kiss too.  They never seem overly thrilled or impressed to see me but I do it anyway.  Even with the eye rolls and limp, unenthused reaction, “Do It Anyway” has been my motto.

Care for yourself. Instead of reaching for your phone, get up and do something for you.  Mine is a cupful of warm water with a squeeze of lemon.  Yep, I’m still off the coffee train folks and I am slowly not liking it as I see my husband racing around like a mad man with all the energy in the world! 

Renew your soul. Find something that fuels your spirit.  Going for a walk, reading something inspiring, exercising.  Mine lately has been training for this upcoming race that I have been documenting every now and again on Instagram.  I can’t say I love it but it does renew my spirit and it shows me that I can do anything that I put my mind to.  Praying I can get to the finish line!

Do Something You’ve Been Procrastinating. Dedicate a few minutes to something you want to create each and every day.  For me, this has been my blog posts for Colorado Springs Moms Blog.  I forced myself yesterday to sit down and write my posts for May to get a jump start and one thing off the to-do list.  I know I am not the most articulate writer in the world and more scattered than not but I do it anyway and I know it fills my bucket to write to women I am passionate about.  Hence, this morning’s post to all of you!  I have missed writing to you all and wanted to at least say hello and let you know I have been thinking about all of you – that is something that renews my soul. = )

Contribute to the World by Making It Better. Do something for the good of your community. Let your heart lead you to action.  If something tugs and pulls at your heart that’s when you know that you need to take part.


Hands Free Mama shares, “Simply by reaching for something besides the phone when we rise, we can cultivate more meaningful connection, more purpose and more contentment…shifting closer to a life we want to live – a life of meaning, knowing our people, caring for ourselves and engaging in actions that could become our legacy when we’re gone.”  I think she is spot on with this approach and I hope her thoughts touch your soul like it did mine.

draft cookbook-754

I still reach for my phone in the wee hours of the morning and accidentally wake up my husband with random videos coming alive while doing a quick Facebook scroll; but I now pay attention to the inner voice that constantly reminds me throughout the day to put the phone down.  It truly has been a game changer.

Hope this is helpful and you take time to connect and do things that matter to you this coming Spring Break.  

Much Love,





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