The Best Ice Cream in Town

ice cream cone (3 of 11)

For all you locals, I have been wanting to share the absolute best place to go and get ice cream in the Colorado Springs area as well as share a little bit about the town of Palmer Lake.  This place is close to my heart as it reminds me of the small town I grew up in and it’s a place our kids love to go each and every summer.

Directions to Palmer Lake:  From I-25, take County Line Road exit and head west until you reach the town.

This is a perfect place if you are looking for a family outing as there is something for everyone.  You can’t go wrong.  There is hiking, biking, fishing, paddle boarding, a playground, the cutest library you have ever seen and hands down, the best place to go and get a good ‘old fashioned ice cream cone (dogs are welcome too!).


  1. Greenland Open Space – Great place for an easy hike or bike ride – there are many different trailheads but the one we use is on the righthand side of the road near the sign for Palmer Lake and the lone Port-o-Potty.  Dogs are welcome.  (You should have seen our dog this morning do the bunny hop all the way down the trail with a couple quick dips in each of the small ponds along the trail.  Talk about “dog heaven”!)
  2. Palmer Lake Reservoirs – If you are looking for a scenic and a bit more technical hike, head up the 4-mile trail to the two Palmer Lake Reservoirs.
  3. Palmer Lake Recreation Area The lake is centrally located within the town and is shaded beautifully with a ton of trees surrounding it.  There is a walking path around the lake which also connects to the Santa Fe Trail System.  There is frisbee golf, a playground, picnic benches and plenty of opportunities to fish, kayak or paddle board.  It is best to bring your own gear and be sure to pick up a fishing license.
  4. Palmer Lake Library – This is the cutest and quaintest little library around packed to the brim with goodness.  I love this library in particular because you never feel overwhelmed.  They always have a great selection of movies, magazines, and books. If you go there often enough, the staff will welcome you with a friendly smile and may even know you by name the next time you come in.
  5. Rock House Ice Cream – Located in the heart of Palmer Lake at 24 S Highway 105, this historic rock building is our (and the dog’s) all-time favorite place to stop and enjoy homemade ice cream (usually after riding our bikes on the Santa Fe Trail all the way from the Northgate entrance of the U.S. Air Force Academy to Palmer Lake).  The library sits right behind the Rock House’s parking lot so you can walk over and enjoy your ice cream in the gazebo and then head inside the library for some books.  It is a perfect summertime spot and a place our kids will remember for a lifetime!2017-06-27_0002

Hope you enjoy Palmer Lake as much as we do!  It’s also a great place to take an evening stroll and watch the sunset.

Much Love,




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