Why We Don’t Need Meditation

we don't need meditation we need slower living

Going against the mainstream and venturing out to say that we do not need more meditation in our lives.

The above picture used to be one of my favorite views behind our home.  It was a visual reminder of yesteryear and the concept of “slow living”.  The windmill was recently taken down for more homes to be built and I have personally felt a deep sense of loss in no longer seeing this symbolic gesture.

We, as a society, are being bombarded with messages to get more, do more,  be more and then in the next breath, we are being told, ‘don’t forget to take time to meditate’.  It’s an oxymoron.

The rage of meditation wouldn’t be needed if we slowed down to begin with.


Why do we need more of anything?  We don’t.  We have everything we need right inside ourselves and right outside our front door.  Our community awaits us.

Slow down.

You will see more, taste more, hear more, touch more, smell more and feel more if we can get outside our own thoughts and our own self and simply practice “slow living” with our neighbors, our friends, our family and our selves.

This dirty little secret isn’t something that you will see promoted or shared because it does not line the pockets of anyone.  What I do know about this secret is that it will come back to you in ways money can’t buy and life will truly thank you for it.

Much Love,


life is so much better when you share it




2 thoughts on “Why We Don’t Need Meditation

  1. Amazing, controversial thought… and while I do love meditation, I must agree with you too! Followed 🙂

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