Making Time Count

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Have you ever thought about how you are going to spend the next 50 birthdays of your life?  If you could map out how you want to celebrate a given year of life, what would you do?

For me this past year, it was a running a 5k, something I had never done before.  For others, it might be visiting a National Park, writing a letter to a loved one or spending a day doing something they love.  The ideas are limitless and run the full gambit of possibility.  Here’s a printable for you to take a crack at it.

birthday list printable

Before any of us know it, our time will be up.  The movie, Beauty and the Beast, perfectly captures this idea of time being precious and delicate through the depiction of petals falling one by one from a rose.

Have you thought about being intentional about what it is you want to see, do and contribute in life?  I hope the post below written for Colorado Springs Moms Blog will inspire you to make the time you have “count”.

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