The More Beautiful World Our Heart Knows Is Possible

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I think we all innately know that there is a “More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible” than what we are seeing in the world today.

In his book, “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible”, Charles Eisenstein shows us that we are all connected, and our small, personal choices bear unsuspected transformational power.  He relates real-life stories showing how small, individual acts of courage, kindness, and self-trust can change our culture’s guiding narrative.

At October’s Super Soul, we explored this impactful talk.  A summary is below:


Part 1 Political

“You can use hatred as a weapon but you cannot use hatred to defeat hate.” – Martin Luther King

  • What is behind the rage and fury is a painful longing for reunion.
  • We as individuals are part of the problem and we don’t even know it.  Explore what your role is in the problem.
  • Hate is a judgment that isn’t true – it’s a delusion.  A judgment of I’m Better Than You  – When you focus on how you are different (or more right) than someone else, there is a deficit of understanding.
  • Before making a judgment consider asking the question and most importantly, hearing the answer – What’s It Like To Be You?

Part 2 – The Feeling of Separation

  • The world’s greatest wound – the wound of separation. Being cut off from all that we are intimately connected to.
  • Our society is being taught to feed the hate and we are being sold the message that being snarky is fulfilling.
  • The feeling of being separated, not being valued, not being important, not mattering in the world is pervasive.
  • Hate is a bodyguard for grief.
  • Profound change often happens through collapse.

Part 3 – Intuitive Feeling of knowing something is wrong

  • Hurt channeled through a story of blame becomes hatred.
  • No matter how disconnected we are feeling, it mirrors something inside ourselves.
  • Living in communities where we don’t know people around us like our neighbors but know more about people on the cover of magazines.
  • If our relationships are only in the family, we are closing ourselves off to our community.
  • Addiction, self-sabotage, procrastination, laziness, rage, chronic fatigue, and depression are all ways that we withhold our full participation in life.
  • Deep down we are feeling a sense of wrongness – the feeling it’s not supposed to be this way.  Trust this instinctual feeling.
  • We are following the rules, trying hard to be a success and playing “the game of life” but deep down, there is a rebellion – a mutiny of the soul.

Part 4 – The Ripple Effect of Your Actions

ripple effect

  • Real movements start unintentionally.  They are acts of service, acts of prayer that mirror what kind of world we want to live in.  Those simple acts spread and ripple outward,
  • Society tells us with every idea – Let’s make sure it can go viral and scale up.  Most things will never scale up in a predictable way.  We think these “viral” people have all the power but guess who is really making a change to the deep underlying currents of our world?  Such people as those caring for the ill, the teachers, the parents…they are the ones altering the future.  Those doing things out of love.
  • Most important things that people are doing are INVISIBLE and THANKLESS.  They will never be known or recognized for their action but it does not lessen the impact.  
  • What are the invisible and thankless acts that you are doing in your life?

We asked the group of ladies at Super Soul what INVISIBLE AND THANKLESS ACTS are a part of their lives.  Here is what they said.  Maybe, it will inspire you and “ripple” out into your own life: Hospital Visits, Supporting others in hard others; Tending to a Neighbors Yard; Providing food gifts to neighbors or taking someone a meal; Anonymous & Random Thank You Notes, Paying It Forward with Random Acts of Kindness (such as paying for the person behind you in line), Gift Bags on Doorsteps or for the Homeless, Nursing Home Adoption, Adopt a Family at Christmas, 719 Rocks, Note Cards, Random Gifts, Jeep Wave, or Just Because ((i.e. Setting the Coffee the Night Before, Packing a family member’s lunch or Sending a random text).

  • Good, bad or indifferent – everything you do the world will come back to you.
  • So many are numb to the idea that we are all connected.
  • Life is a mirror of self.
  • Make a shift from a culture of judgment to one of empathy”

“Never for a second let our society or social media dictate your importance in this world.  You matter.  Your impact matters.  You make a difference with every act and choice you make that stems from a place of love.  You may never know what ripple of yours touches another’s life.” – Sharing Our Life, Love and Food

Part 5 – The Search for Intimacy and Connection

choose love (1 of 1)

  • How can people find intimacy and connection within one minute of searching?  Try gazing into someone’s eyes for 60 seconds.  You will find it to be uncomfortable but sit with that discomfort.  Rarely does the comfortable path reap transformative benefits.  Walking through what’s uncomfortable is extremely powerful.  You will find how an eye gaze intimately draws and connects you with other people.
  • Try connecting with each other’s humanity – hard to hate people up close.
  • Offer a gift for the health and well being of all things/Support One Another and lose the us vs. them mentality.
  • Trust Your Inner Knowing

Part 6 – Super Soul Short – Turning Rejection Into Elevated Awareness

This sweet, powerful 6 minute video/ of resourcefulness, survival, and strength through perseverance.  A story of turning rejection into elevated awareness.

The orphan does not wait to be seen.  He doesn’t give up.  Once he stopped chasing the flock that was incapable of seeing him, an instinct emerged like a whisper in his ear.  Nourish yourself and the world will be drawn to you.



Diving into more of Charles Eisenstein’s thoughts:


At the end of the evening, I shared some more of Charles Eisenstein’s thoughts that I hope would resonate.

Charles had high hopes that someday he would be discovered and reach millions.  The ambition of “success” disintegrated after his first work found no takers in the publishing world.  It was a painful yet beautiful clarifying experience that begged the question, “Why are you doing this work? Is it because you hope to become a celebrated individual or do you really care about serving the healing of the world?”

Shortly after, Charles had a “spiritual encounter” where a spiritual being came to him and said, “Charles, is it really your wish that the work you do fulfill its potential and exercise its right role in the evolution of all things?”  “Yes”…”OK then,” said the being. “I can make that happen, but you will have to pay a price. The price is that you will never be recognized for your role. The story you are speaking will change the world, but you will never get credit for it. You will never get wealth, fame, or prestige. Do you agree to pay that price?”  He consented to its offer and submitted to his ultimate loyalty.

Here is what he learned from that experience

  • Our true wages in life consist of the sole satisfaction of a job well done.
  • Any impact matters.  Big impact versus small impact is part of what needs to be healed. Our culture validates and celebrates those who are out there with big platforms speaking to millions while ignoring those who do humble, quiet work, taking care of just one sick person, one child, or one small place on this earth.
  • The impact [of the “lesser-known”] doesn’t depend on their kind action going viral and reaching millions of people. Even if no one ever knows and no one ever thanks them for their kind act of care, that choice sends ripples outward through the fabric of causality. On a five hundred or five thousand year scale, the impact is no smaller.
  • The logic of bigness can drag us into feelings of irrelevance, leading us to project importance onto the people we see on our screens.
  • The calculating mind thinks that just helping one person has a smaller impact on the world than helping a thousand. It wants to scale up, to get big. That is not necessary in a different causal logic, the logic that knows, “God sees everything” or the logic of morphic resonance that knows that any change that happens in one place creates a field that allows the same kind of change to happen elsewhere. Acts of kindness strengthen the field of kindness, acts of love strengthen the field of love, acts of hate strengthen the field of hate.
  • Charles shared a story of attending a funeral for a central Pennsylvania farmer, Roy Brubaker. A testimonial came from a young farmer who said something like this: “Roy is the one who taught me what success really is. Success is having the capacity to always be there for your neighbors. Anytime someone called with a problem, Roy would put down what he was doing and be right over to help.”  This farmer had been Roy’s intern. When he went into business for himself and became Roy’s competitor, Roy helped him along with advice and material aid, and even announced his new competitor’s farm share program to his own mailing list. At the end of his speech, the young farmer said, “I used to think Roy was able to help so many people because he was a successful farmer who had it made. But now I think he was probably more like me, with fifty vegetable crops all crying for attention and a million things to do. He was there for people anyway.”  You see, Roy didn’t wait until he had it made to start being generous. This is the kind of person that holds the world together. On a practical level, they are the reason society hangs together despite its pervasive injustice, poverty, trauma, and so on. They also anchor the field of love that helps the rest of us serve our purpose rather than our personal ambition.
  • There is no need to worry about the size of an audience or about reaching “people of influence.” The job is just to do the work with as much love and sincerity as possible.

    Be in awe and humbled by people like Roy (and Sherry who does the most generous things for her neighbors, Debbie M. who always has a way of sneaking in surprises for people, Jeaneen for always being there for her friends and family, Leith for always being so willing to open her heart to any and all, Pam who shared how simple acts of kindness really do make a difference with seemingly small gestures of appreciation such as taking a nurses station a meal, Kim who always finds a way to help with her giving nature, Maree who lights up a room anytime she enters it, Debbie L. who brings sunshine to each and every thing with her wonderful culinary delights, Marquesa who melts your heart with her kindness and generosity, Laura who is in a field of giving and has a deep impact on other’s lives, Leslie who boldly jumps into new things and Jill who braves this world by reaching and connecting with people) and let us not forget all those I did not mention.  These women live in service, love, with great faith and courage.

  • Unlike Charles, they don’t have thousands of people telling them how important their work is. In fact, quite often the system and culture we live in discourages them, telling them that they are foolish, naïve, irresponsible, impractical, and giving them little financial reward.
  • How many times have you been told a life dedicated to beauty or nurture or healing is unrealistic?  Don’t listen to this narrative…it is a myth.
  • Don’t live a maybe after or maybe then life…  Maybe after everything…is all ship-shape, maybe after you are personally secure with a solid career and secure investments, maybe then you can afford a little generosity.  No more “Waiting for Godot” – the concept of waiting for someone or something that never arrives.


Admire people who are generous first. 

Generous with their precious lives.




Super Soul Sunday with Charles Einsenstein

The Age of We Need Each Other by Charles Eisenstein

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible – Online Version of Book

The More Beautiful World – Audio Snidbits

Hope you enjoyed this summary.  I highly recommend this insightful, in-depth read of Charles Eisenstein’s work.

In closing, I have to say a huge thank you to Charles Eisenstein for his generosity in freely sharing his work with the world.  Let his benevolence be an example to all of us.

Much Love,


P.S.  Debbie shared her amazing Onion Dip recipe with us all.  You can find it here: –

Recipe for the Caramel Apple Cocktails here:




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