Meet Me On The Bridge


Come Meet Me On The Bridge by Pastor John Gray

Wanted to give everyone a summary of the November Super Soul.

Pastor Gray shares that the bridge is an exchange of ideas without the fear of being judged or maligned for our own personal ideology.

  • He wants us to connect with people, all people, not just “my people”, all people.
  • See the beauty and divine nature of every human being encountered.
  • We need love.
  • A love that doesn’t go away because we don’t agree.
  • A love that makes me fight for you even though I don’t see what you see.
  • A love that makes me cross the bridge of understanding away from my fearful place.
  • We are talking about a bridge that makes me see you face to face.
  • Celebrate and share when something touches your soul – when you cannot help but get excited about it.  It’s not something you can be cerebral about and ponder and process.  This is something that you feel in your soul and your toes start tapping.

Pastor Gray has everyone belly laughing when he projects the thoughts of his audience, “I don’t know this dude, he’s a little big and could work out a little but goodness I like what he’s saying.  It’s agreeing and connecting with the inner part and core of my being.”

What we need in this world is a love so strong for our people that make us come from the far right and the far left and we meet in the middle.  We come to places like Super Soul Sessions and…

We aren’t intimidated by people who have different thoughts than us.  We don’t judge them, we embrace them.

To move closer to that place of love, we need to be three things in life:

  1. Relational
  2. Relatable; and
  3. Relevant.

Beyond that, we need two other things.

We must learn to be intentional and uncomfortable.

In order to build bridges, you have to connect with people who don’t look like you, who don’t live where you live.

Pastor Gray closes by saying, “Come meet me on the bridge whether, through communion or a beer, I don’t care where you are from, we all have a story.  If we all stick together, it will produce…GLORY.”

Such a fun talk by an incredibly talented and powerful storyteller.  Take a listen!




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