A Wrinkle In Time


Thank you all so much for joining me on Friday for our latest Super Soul, A Wrinkle in Time.

No Life is Wrinkle Free

Wouldn’t it be nice to buy a life like we can a shirt that can be thrown into the dryer and deemed “wrinkle-free”?  It just isn’t possible.

We started off the evening with a “Paper Project”.  We took a blank piece of paper to represent “our life”.  The truth is that none of our lives look like this blank piece of paper which is pristine, wrinkle-free and unmarred.

blank paper

We asked everyone to wad up their piece of paper like this:

wadLet’s show everyone the truth of our lives and what it really looks like so we asked everyone to unfold their wad of paper…getting something like this.

wrinkled paper

The reality of our lives is that we all have wrinkles imprinted on our hearts.  Let’s identify what they are. We had the ladies take a few minutes to write down all the wrinkles they could think of in their lives right now without putting any type of measure on how big, small or indifferent the wrinkle is.

In order to fix any wrinkle in your life, it first must be acknowledged and that’s exactly what we did and then we tossed all the wrinkles into the “metaphorical” trash can so we could learn from it and move passed it.

To help us all move through our own Wrinkles in Time, we went through the below slideshow loosely based off the book and blockbuster movie, A Wrinkle In Time.

Downloadable Slideshow Presentation

We ended the evening, each lighting a candle one by one, showing the power of light in our lives and how it can light up the darkness.  We encouraged everyone to walk away from the evening to “Be a Warrior”.  A warrior of hope, grace and love.  And if not for themselves, then for someone else.

I can’t thank all the women enough for their courage and strength in sharing some of their own wrinkles and listening to mine.  The heartfelt support and grace in the room was palpitable.

Always remember these infamous quotes from the book:

  • Nothing is hopeless. We must hope for everything.
  • The wound is the place that the light enters you.
  • Those willing to face the darkness bring the best of themselves to the light for the world.

Now let’s continue to spread more light in this world.

Much love to you all,


P.S.  Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming destination Super Soul in Divide, Colorado on October 13th.



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