Santa Claus is Real

When I wrote this post for Colorado Springs Moms Blog, I had no idea it would stir up something in people’s hearts and they would go on to share it with their own friends.

I have always loved this simple message of the importance of carrying on someone’s memory even when they are no longer on this Earth.

Since sharing this message with my own family, I have never quite looked at a Santa Claus the same again – it’s the symbolism of all that his memory stands for and those who continue to share his memory each holiday season that is so incredibly touching.

We can each only hope that we leave that type of lasting impression in our own lives.

Merry Christmas All!  Thanks again for all the ongoing support.  Even though I’ve been a bit quiet this year, I love that you all still reach out for recipes, pics, events and more.  May you each have a blessed holiday.

Much Love,


P.S.  In loving memory of this one life who touched so many hearts.  Tyler’s headstone says it perfectly, “his spirit lives within us”.


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