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Hi All – Thanks for coming to the “Inside/Out Vision” Super Soul.

We introduced a twist on the traditional “vision board” and created inside/out vision boxes.  Here are a few takeaways from the evening:

  1. It is just as important what you put on the inside of a vision as it is the outside;
  2. We all have to assemble and build our own visions; hence the building and creating of our “own” boxes;
  3. A  vision does not have to be grand.  It can be the smallest of gestures;
  4. Unlike a board, we are not one dimensional. Representative of a “box”, we all have many sides and are multi-faceted.
  5. We get to decide what we want from the outside to come “in”.  We choose.
  6. Make it more than just the external vision; what is the vision you want in your heart…build and construct it from the inside out.

It was so fun to see what everyone uniquely “built” for themselves, everything from…the art of “you”…to building a legacy for generations to come….to a lighthouse and being a beacon of hope for others…to climbing up out of a rut and conquering life…to living colorfully.  Super inspiring – take a look below at more pics and a summary video.

A huge thanks to Becky Clabaugh for sharing her talents with us and to Debbie Monahan for letting us take time to honor her and lift her up as she starts this next chapter.

Much Love,






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