STRETCH into 2020

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We kicked off our 2020 Super Souls with the theme of “Stretch into 2020”; introducing the concept of stretching our mind, bodies and spirits.


W O R D  for the  Y E A R

We said goodbye to New Year resolutions and focused on a guiding “Word for the Year” and had everyone write their word on their hand or arm.  Words such as:

  • clarity
  • simplify
  • let go
  • shepherd
  • bluemind
  • shed
  • meraki (to do something with soul, creativity or love; or to put something of yourself into your work)
  • trust
  • expand
  • ….and many more words…graced the arms and hands of the women.

Words so deeply personal to each person’s own experience and station in life.

We shared the story of the inspiration for this Super Soul and how back at our 2017 New Years Super Soul, the words “Stretch, I can do hard things” was artfully written across a woman’s arm and how she moved many of us to tears with that statement and inspired a resolve that “yes, we can do hard things in life”.


W I S H I N G  W A L L

We also had our own confetti fest on our yoga mats. We each recreated our own little Times Square Wishing Wall tradition. Instead of wishes, we individually acknowledged and addressed any fears we have in life by writing them down on a pink post-it note for our eyes only and then ripped them up and drizzled the tiny pieces of paper over ourselves, symbolically releasing any fears we may hold to allow us to go after our wishes/goals.  Sounds a little hokey but its an important step to recognize that fears are like the boogey man, and are often only in our imagination.

magic lights

T I M E   to   S T R E T C H

Was so thrilled to have the beautiful Vanessa Brock leading us through a series of stretches from our head to our toes.

Some fun facts about Vanessa include living in Antarctica, having her and her husband’s love story shared on TLC’s The Wedding Story, being a trainer at a “Biggest Loser” resort and last, but certainly not least, her inspiring devotion to her family.  Follow her on facebook or instagram and you will see her huge heart and fierce love for her boys.

What I can also tell you about Vanessa is that she is one of those people who has that certain “something something”, that extra special zest for life that is contagious to be around.

As she lead us through stretching, her soothing and calming voice quickly became a reprieve as well as it felt exactly like the music she was playing of the sounds of the ocean waves.

Vanessa shared with us the many benefits of stretching.

  • The deliberate relaxing of the body and letting go of tension can be an art form all on its own.
  • Stretching encourages you to listen to your body.
  • It reminds you to take joy in how our body serves us.
  • Stretching is always available to you.
  • Daily stretching can be a profound spiritual practice that teaches us to let go, loosen up (both physically and figuratively) and soften to our inner and outer experience.

Vanessa had us investigating and stretching areas that we had maybe forgotten about and took us to a place that may have been outside of our comfort zone.  Reminding us to breathe and how that simple action allows us to stretch further with our bodies and our minds.

She was such a gift and a perfect way to launch the New Year and a new week.

I can attest that a lot of us walked out there inspired and committed to more “stretching in 2020”!



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Much Love,


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