Won’t You Be My Neighbor


I wish I could sum up all of what was shared at this month’s Super Soul but feel I would be doing a disservice to Jessica Eaves trying to summarize all the content she covered, the time she poured in and the heart she shared with us.


So, instead of a long-winded summary this time, I will leave you with 5 tidbits:

  • Micro-aggressions are real and exist in everyday conversations. Microaggression is a term used for brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative prejudicial slights and insults toward ANY group.
  • Diversify your table, friend group and media.
  • You can pretend to know what it is like to “walk in someone else’s shoes” but you will never fully know and to act like you know is an indignity.
  • Be open to different viewpoints and perspectives;
  • Listen, listen, listen and then listen some more.
  • Seek to understand; and above all else,
  • Love your neighbor.

Jessica’s t-shirt perfectly captured how we can take action in our community.

We can










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