Napkin-Making Palooza

If there is one thing I know we all can do during this time of uncertainty, it is to


Share in the way that works for you.

We can all find some way to give of ourselves to others and let them know they are cared for and loved, even if it is from a distance.


My Way of Sharing

The past few days I have been a napkin making fool.

I decided to share a bunch of sets with a family I adore and asked them to pick their favorites and then go and pay it forward by sharing the others with someone else.



Printable Card

You Can Make Them Too

If y’all would like to hop on this mission with me, I attempted a “raw” diy tutorial so you can make them too.

Step 1 is to watch the Napkin Tutorial followed by the Bonus Video Clip on how to pick up a single thread from the fabric.  All available below.



Here is the direct link in case you want to download the entire video as it can take awhile to buffer and it looks like if you don’t have the dropbox mobile app, it can stop the video at the 14 min. mark so watching it on your pc is easiest or viewing it directly from the dropbox app in order to view the whole thing:

close up

BONUS VIDEO CLIP – an overhead view on how to pick up a single piece of thread to get your straight cutting line:

WASH & CARE – These are 100% washable and dryable.  As mentioned in the tutorial, I typically only iron and starch them when they are initially created to help hold their structure; after that, I wash them with my other laundry and fold them straight out of the dryer.  I only iron them again if I want a more formal, buttoned up look on the table.

If you run across any snags or have any questions, feel free to email me anytime at

Much Love,





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