Int’l Family Meal Challenge – Night 4

Mamma Mia!

This kid stepped up his game tonight with Greek in the House!

Greek Night

He started prepping about 4 hours in advance and the kitchen was turned inside out and all around with the help of his sidekick sister but boy oh boy, it was totally worth it.


Let me just say this meal is not for the faint of heart.

Most expert cooks would not attempt all this in one single afternoon.

Other than the phyllo dough, every single item was made from scratch.

Here is the vision he brought to life:


The prep begins…


These potatoes – oh my goodness….  In the oven at different times for a total of 80 minutes with the scent of mint, garlic, oregano, feta and lemon, filling the air.


A water bath for the meat dish and lots of chopping going on here.  Did I mention that he GROUND all the lamb for this dish because he couldn’t find any at the store and then had to press the meat after baking it.  Learned so much while watching him today!



Let the flour fly!  The prep work keeps going and going…


Pita making success!!!


The chopping of more veggies and fresh herbs….for the incredible Tzatziki sauce.


This truly was the best gyro any of us have ever tasted!


Let’s not forget about the dessert…the making of a semolina-based custard and prepping of the phyllo dough.


The final step of this marvelous concoction was a citrus syrup of lemon and orange drizzled over top of the layered dish of phyllo and custard.  Delish!

A Quick Trip Down Memory Lane

Can you even believe all that this guy tackled!  I am exhausted just having watched this three ring circus come to life. Phfew!  What an incredible culinary delight he gave us tonight!

Just like last night, I must take you down a quick trip of memory lane of this guy’s younger days. Fast forward to today, that little peanut now towers over every single one of us in the house.

Grand Finale Coming Up

Our girl brings this competition to a close tomorrow night.

With her competitive spirit, I am sure she will be raising the bar a notch or two if that is even possible.

Stay Tuned!

Much Love,


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