Old Fashioned Mint Tea

moscow mule (1 of 1)

Well this looks like a Moscow Mule but instead it is just a plain jane Mint Tea…old school style.

picnic basket (1 of 1)

Recipes of Yesteryear

I have had such fun going through an antique metal picnic basket from my parent’s farm crammed full of old recipes..

Check out this beauty deemed “Recipe of the Week”.

What’s so fun about it – is when you read it through, you truly get the sense that there is no urgency at all.  Also had me laughing seeing the chigger reference up above!

It’s a laid back, take your time, kind of yesteryear recipe –  thanks to Imogene Lamb.  Doesn’t that name just put a smile on your face. 


Recipe for 2020

I updated the recipe a bit and modified just a few small details (less sugar, a bit more lemon, tea bag equivalent and ice measurements) and served it up in a copper mug just for fun.

Give it a shot and try it old fashioned style…taking your sweet ‘ol time.

I swear it makes it taste all the better!


Old Fashioned Mint Tea Recipe

PRINTABLE: Old Fashioned Mint Tea

Much Love,



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