What’s in your “feed”?

Most of us know by now that our “feeds” on social media and the internet are directly correlated with what we view, click on, engage with and even speak out loud.

It is all part of a grand algorithm that is designed to closely mirror our interests and likes.

It is a great reminder that we each get to decide with a single click, what we feed our mind, body and spirit.

This post was inspired simply because a friend shared the below this morning on her feed:

I learned a long time ago to not see the world through the printed headlines, I see the world through the people that surround me.

I see the world with the realization that we love big…


I CHOOSE to write my own headlines.

Husband loves wife today…

Family drops everything to come to [Pop’s] bedside…

My headline reads, “woman overwhelmed by the spirit of kindness and the reminder that our capacity to love is never ending.”

It made me turn to my husband and say out loud how grateful I am for a “feed” full of life, love, inspiration, incredible people, books and… of course, pets.







Thank you friends for feeding my spirit and soul.  I hope, in turn, to offer the same.

Much Love,



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