Opening up this world

Confession time – It was never my intent to go on this blog journey alone. It was my intent from the start to open this up and be a community and walk through this together.

My heart wanted to include others with their own perspective and thoughts but you guys want to know what happened with that intention?

It went out the window. I didn’t ever take the time to ask and invite.

So many amazing women have been a part of many aspects of this mission and have surrounded, lifted and carried me. I treasure and adore them. They guided me and helped me in so many ways. I got caught up in my head. I made every excuse from lack of time to my random and haphazard ways to life.

What I know is that there is never an ideal time for anything and if you don’t jump, you likely never will and if you fall, it is so much more fun to be covered in the dust and muck together.

So completely on a whim, I reached out and asked three woman to help me begin living out this initial intention of community sharing on this blog with their words and perspectives. This wasn’t a move to exclude anyone so please know that cause y’all know me well enough to know I worry about that kind of stuff.

This is just my way of starting. Starting to honor why this mission began in the first place and if there is anything I’ve learned in these last couple of months of losing someone who I revered as one of the all time greats in my world and on this Earth…is that time is precious so make the best of it.

So with that all said, my aim is to introduce these women to you one by one so leaning into my whimsical nature, another post is on its way shortly introducing you all to our first contributor! So excited for you to meet her!

Much Love,


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