Meet Rae

Next on our list of contributors is one of those people you meet in life who has an unending amount of grace and presence about her.

She feels everything…deeply…and she sees everyone.

I remember one time, the two of us sitting at a table in a restaurant and Rae gets up and goes to another table and invites two strangers to our table. We made two new friends that day. This is who Rae is.

She is that friend who has kindness engraved in her heart.

She understands people and she makes everyone feel seen.

She gives you a hint about herself in the bio below but let me just tell you a little something more about her.

This talented lady came to love dance later on in life. She sought it out as a passion several years ago and came to own the stage. She learned to throw out inhibition and boldly love herself out loud. She showed us all by example how to toss out insecurities, toss out that feeling of self consciousness and free our hearts and minds. She never said a word…she just led by example.

Without further ado.

Meet Rae.

Much Love,



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