The Richest of All

I recently discovered I’m filthy rich.

A few weeks ago my grandpa turned 90, so my kids and I drove from Colorado to Oklahoma to visit both sets of my grandparents as well as my husband’s grandmothers.

The morning after we arrived I watched my Mema hem a pair of my Papa’s pants.

When she finished I went outside, slipped out of my sandals and into their feathery grass, and walked along their landscape pavers like I would as a little girl. I later spied my daughters doing the same.

I drank coffee out of the same mug I’d drink grape juice from years ago.

I held my Papa’s hand as we sat in the swing on their deck.

I watched my kids brush his hair and rock in Mema’s lap.

That evening my childhood tea set was waiting for me beside my old Barbie dolls in my Grandma and Grandpa’s rec room.

I rang the dinner bell they’d ring when my dad and his siblings were little — it still stands proudly in their yard.

I wiped my shoes on my grandpa’s boot cleaner before going inside for warm, homemade sugar biscuits, strawberries and ice cream.

I played their piano. We played cards with the same decks my brother and I used as kids while listening to stories.

These minutes will last a lifetime. It was the most magical day.

If as an adult you have grandparents, you’re rich.

If you spend time with them, richer.

But if you take that time to memorize the lines on their faces, the sounds of their voices, their homes, their yards, their mannerisms and smells and stories, your heart will carry all you’ll ever need

Same goes for the people in your life whether it be your spouse, children, parents or friends – memorize every part of them.

and you’ll be the richest of all.

Til next time,


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