Favorite Cookies to Bake and Share

My dad’s passing was that subtle life, elbow nudge of, “You get this one and precious life…Don’t Wait…”

Dusted off this “cookie book” project from 5 years ago and brought it to life for him and for all of you who believed in the mission from the get go.

So here you have it, “Favorite Cookies to Bake and Share” is now available for purchase along with a whole new “share collection” of a few items we love and think make some pretty great gifts.

Check out our new online store at www.thesharecollection.com.


If one thing is for sure, these life nudges and COVID have solidified the deep seeded meaning why the mission of “Sharing Life, Love and Food” began in the first place.

Sharing has a way of uniting, bonding and strengthening us as a whole.

We are all in this one beautiful life together.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this soul-filled “love” mission.

Much Love,




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