Wishing Wall

wishing-wallHi All – I need some help…pretty please!  Working on a new piece for the January issue of the magazine and I could use some help.  I don’t think I’ve ever specifically asked my followers for help but I’m deeply interested in this topic so I thought what the heck, might as well try.  = )

Have you ever heard of the New Year’s Eve Wishing Wall in Times Square where people write and post their personal goals, dreams and wishes up on the “wishing wall”? At the stroke of midnight, they release all the handwritten notes along with confetti down onto the crowd filled streets to inspire people to go and make their dreams happen.


Wanted to recreate this idea and collect people’s “authentic” responses and put them all out in a page spread in the new year’s issue of the magazine.  We are getting close to that time of year where we all can dream of renewal, have new hopes and create new beginnings.  What are yours?  Ask your spouse, your kids, your parents, anything works. No names will be used or disclosed, just need your or any of your family members’ goals, dreams, wishes for 2017. You can post below or shoot me an email at prechtel@hotmail.com.  Thanks everyone for your help!

BTW, I posted this question on my Facebook page and no one has yet to post their answer online and have all done so behind the scenes. I get it.  It is shivering to think we could put something out like that in front of others.  I know it’s deeply personal putting something like this “out there” and recognize why comments are being sent rather than posted but do you know that 90% of people do not follow through on their hopes and dreams and most people never tell what it is that they desire which further decreases their chances of ever making it happen.  Setting fear aside, tell me, what is it that you hope for in 2017?  Bite the bullet and be amongst the brave.  No need to post online just shoot me an email at prechtel@hotmail.com instead.

I hope you get inspired by this “wishing wall” project.  Don’t let another year pass without making at least one of them come true. = ) Thanks all!  Greatly appreciate your help on this.

Much Love,


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