The War on November Christmas Decor

Christmas décor is resulting in civil war.

You know what I’m talking about – the mid-November social media photos of beautifully decorated trees, mantles and banisters, and the comments about how Thanksgiving is the middle-child-holiday that’s commonly is overlooked. We are a passionate bunch about how other folks decorate their own homes.

As my Thanksgiving gift to you, I will sum up November 2020 Christmas décor in one line:

“A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices.”

Y’all, we truly are a weary world. With online-schooling kids, working from home, working outside of home or not having work at all, we are so desperately searching for sparkles and laughter and anything we can possibly rejoice over. This year’s pandemic has robbed us of moments beside our families around tables and at sporting events. It’s ripped away travel experiences and cancelled our recitals. It has added to the time it takes to complete nearly every task and taken away the time we need beside our loved ones.

While it may seem crazy to celebrate Thanksgiving beside a Christmas tree, for some this tree’s presence may equate to one less thing to have to do later. A thing checked off the list. A thing that felt exciting to complete. Something we could control. And mostly, a reminder of magic in a world that feels less than magical.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving with your family through a Zoom call, start a new tradition, have a movie marathon in pajamas or eat ’til your stretchiest pants don’t fit, I hope you find joy in your day. Regardless if you do so tree-up, or tree-still-boxed – I hope you find moments that twinkle and light your life.

Find your thrill and muster some hope, and may your weary soul rejoice this Thanksgiving.

Til next time,



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