What if we believed in ourselves and our potential?

What if we really believed in ourselves and our potential?  What if?

Seems far-fetched I know.  After being a self-help book connoisseur for many years, you get to a point after reading book after book that you realize that the only person that can help you is really you.  Most of us stand in our own way.  We think we are missing something so we go out as if it’s a treasure hunt trying to find the missing pieces in other things.  When in all reality, we all have everything we need within us.  Faith teaches us this and so did Glenda the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz when she said, “You always had the power within you my dear.”


For years, we saw those Michael Jordan commercials on tv that said, “Be Like Mike” and even now in far-fetched reality shows telling us that we are not enough and this is how you should live and be in this world.  The truth is that we all have to learn to be more of ourselves.  Not anyone else but ourselves.

Last night as we gathered together for our “Super Soul” Share Class/Happy Hour listening to Michael Bernard Beckwith’s Super Soul Session on  Participating in Your Own Unfolding.  We learned that none of us is missing anything.  When we are in the right condition, we will unfold just like we are supposed to.

Here is a summary of Rev. Beckwith’s talk on participating in the unfolding of our lives.  I could listen to this one over and over again as there is so much goodness wrapped up in his words and frankly, it’s a little tricky to catch everything he says the first time as he is quite the “fast talker” and it probably took me ten times to fully grasp all that he was saying in the message!

THE RADIO STATION OF OUR LIVES – TUNE IN – Rev. Beckwith declared, “There is something within each of us that is unique, mighty and magnificent!”  Say that sentence again to yourself.  “There is something within each of us that is unique, mighty and magnificent!”  Don’t you just want to take a bathe in those words and let them soak into your life and permeate your soul!  It’s true and when you know it to be true, you will look at each and every person you meet in a different light.  You will look for the good and see them for who they really are.

It’s our job in our life to tune into our life and to be life’s instrument.  Like a piano, playing the chords and notes of each of our own heart songs, we are each meant to play our heart song and share it with others.  Rev. Beckwith says that when we learn  to “tune in” to our lives and look for the universal presence of love, beauty, joy and intelligence and then be an expression of all those things, we will live a bold, magnificent and mighty life.

Wouldn’t that be something to tell yourself that “mantra” each and every day and live that out until it sticks and holds true!  It always goes back to the daily choices in our life, the minute by minute choices we make and having the awareness to choose “better” for ourselves.

 WE ALL HAVE INFINITE/LIMITLESS POTENTIAL – Hasn’t your mind  or other people told you otherwise and given you every reason to believe that your potential is limited.  Don’t listen.  Know, feel and believe that you have all the potential in the world!  Rev. Beckwith used the word incarnation a lot which is representative of a person who embodies and exemplifies such abstract qualities as love, beauty, power, like that of a divine spirit, in the image and likeness of God.  We are all already loaded and coded with so much goodness, beauty, love, intelligence and power within us all.  We each are a blessing here on earth and are designed as a “unique expression of infinite potential”.  Hearing this was like a fresh of breath air when somehow you believe that you are missing something.  Hearing a statement like this,  enlivens you and you start to feel and sense the truth in it.  The power of words are incredible, aren’t they?  Imagine if each and every person on this earth knew at the core of their being that they have infinite potential!


UNFOLD YOURSELF – We passed out “super soul” gifts as an expression of each of our “unfoldment” represented by a piece of paper folded origami style into a star.   When the ladies began to open and unfold the star, they all quickly realized that there was another gift held within, at the core, at the center of it all,  a “heart” attached to another piece of paper, when unfolded, stated, “At the heart of our unfolding is to find and be LOVE.”

We hope all of you who came to the session enjoyed these little mementos.  If there is one place we can all start is to find love in our hearts and then go and be love in this world.  Just as Rev. Beckwith said,  “we are not in this world to get anything, we are in this world to let something unfold from within us”.  We are allowing that dynamic good to unfold from within our very being.  Just as a rose seed unfolds and produces roses, there is nothing that seed is missing.  It begins to be in in the right condition so its infinite potential can show up as a rose blush and then a plethora of rose bushes.  We are all a divine and perfect spiritual idea, there is something within each of us that is unique, mighty and magnificent and we each are here to reveal it.


 KICKING BACK WAITING FOR “IT” TO HAPPEN – Here’s the deal you get to participate in your own unfolding.  It’s not happenstance, it’s not accidental.  We are not meant to stand on the sidelines and watch life happen, we are meant to participate!  He says we all go through 4 stages of spiritual growth:

  • The first is victimhood— Where we think something outside of ourselves is responsible for our lives, our own happiness.  Everyone has a “someone did it to me” story.
  • The second stage is being able to bring into life/manifest what we can imagine and envision for our lives.
  • The third stage is being a “channel” where we surrender to the potential that is within each of our own souls and allow it to unfold.
  • The fourth stage is learning how to be one with the “presence” by whatever name you choose to call it. Where we begin to understand that we are not separate from this life, that we are all connected like waves in the ocean.  If you have moved through to this stage, you begin to understand that we are all one and the same and you will likely view people very differently and see them for the “soul” that they are.


PULLING OUR PAST AROUND LIKE A CARCASS – He said, “Don’t hang onto your past like a carcass dragging it around”.  When you are ready, let it go.  Let it light your life not drag you into darkness.

SING YOUR SONG – One of the things Rev. Beckwith said that sticks out in my mind is that we all need to learn to “Speak life into our own life”.  LIFE IS FOR YOU and not against you.  Speak the encouraging words in your life that YOU need, no more tearing yourself down, speak life into your life!


DESTRUCTIVE THOUGHTS – If you are hanging on to resentment, animosity, anger, hate, those thoughts are replicating themselves and transmuting themselves into thoughts and actions and are coursing through your soul.  Learn to embrace forgiveness.  Rev. Beckwith left mouths hanging open when he said, the lack of forgiveness is one of the highest forms of self-abuse because you are basically telling the universe to bring this experience again, hit me again, give me more of that and what ends up happening is that you end up only hurting yourself.  He shared that we must make forgiveness a way of life.  Every night as you go to bed, scan your life and begin to take notice if there is resentment or animosity hanging around, starting to seep into your life; and learn to dissolve it, let go of it so you can wake up refreshed as a pristine expression of the infinite.  You learn to step into the awareness that you can bring peace and love to yourself every single day.

BELIEVE MORE IN WHAT YOU DON’T SEE THAN WHAT YOU DO SEE – This was the mac daddy of all statements.  Everything we can’t see like God, beauty, love, peace, harmony are all invisible but yet we all know and trust in each of them because we have felt them, known them and believed in them.  It’s what we have to learn to do in our lives with everything.  Focus more on what you don’t see ‘cause than you will see.   Everything that you could hope and desire is within you just waiting to reveal itself.  These divine gifts that have been placed within each of us.  Seeds have been planted within our own hearts that are meant to sprout and grow and ultimately thrive as our life.  They are meant to be shared and expressed through each of us.

No more listening to the nay-sayers, all the negativity, the uncertainties, the doubt, you no longer have to be a victim of circumstance, you can start living in appreciation for your life and let that flow from you.


THE FEELING OF BELONGING AND CONNECTION AND THE INVESTMENT IN PEOPLE – I don’t want to speak for others but I would like to say to all the women who have attended these “Super Soul” Share Classes/Happy Hours, is that in one way or another, you each have breathed life into my own life.  You have inspired me, encouraged me, enlivened me and fed my soul.  You amazing women have walked into this world with Brave Beauty and I and are becoming just like sisters, “Super Soul” Sisters, in fact.

To feel a part of something so fulfilling has warmed my soul and wrapped me up like a Christmas present filled with all the goodness in the world.  I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas gift.

Thank you ladies for your love, generosity, openness and sharing.  You have enriched my life in unimaginable ways and I hope in some way these Share Class/Happy Hours have done the same for you.  Feel so honored to know you all.  Much love and happiness to you all this holiday season and remember to invest in what matters – people.


As always, you can find more at Sharing Our Life, Love and Food.  Also, recently started a new Pinterest board with all the quotes from the “Super Soul” Share Class/Happy Hours.  Feel free to follow the board here.

P.S.  For those who have followed the blog for awhile will appreciate this one.  As we were wrapping up last night and chit-chatting, I look down on the kitchen counter of the home we were in and guess what was there? A bottle of  “Dreaming Tree“.  Once again taking it as a sign, keeping the dream alive!

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